How to Best Handle Real Estate Agent Negligence


Numerous Industries Suffer from Negligence

The advent of the information age unfortunately translates to a copious amount of misinformation. In our efforts to not seem overly cautious or even paranoid, we as a society can sometimes be too trusting. Negligence on the part of people we trust can happen in many forms. As an attorney, I have handled cases of negligence involving accountants, engineers, bankers, and even other attorneys. This distasteful behavior is very damaging, and it is in your best interest to ensure that the proper reparations are made. Unfortunately, if civil litigation is not pursued, you could be missing out on valuable restitution.

 “Not so Real” Estate

When you are looking to buy your home, you often trust that all the information given to you by your real estate agent is factual. Many first-time home buyers fall into this trap of absolutely trusting the agent that is working for them, and are too naïve to consider the possibility of negligence. It is challenging enough to keep all the details straight, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, to the square footage of the property, and all of the minute details in between. Home buying is a complex process that requires teamwork on the part of all parties involved, from the buyer(s) to the seller(s) and especially a reliable real estate agent.

It can be easy to overlook a seemingly small error when buying a home. This could be attributed to your own excitement at the new proposition. Perhaps you are so engrossed in the minutia of the properties you are considering. No matter what though, it is important that you enlist the help of an attorney to best determine how to navigate your particular case.

Types of Misrepresentation

Negligence happens to be one of three ways that a real estate agent can be accused of misrepresentation. The other two types are: innocent and fraudulent. In a negligent misrepresentation, the agent fails to disclose significant property flaws out of ignorance. Meanwhile, fraudulent misrepresentation means they purposefully hide a property flaw or feature to make the sale. If you discover that a house you have purchased may have been misrepresented, please do not hesitate to contact me, James Hudson, an experienced California Professional Liability Attorney. I will go to work for you and wrangle the best possible outcome for your troubles.

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The Different Types of Disability Insurance


What is Disability Insurance?


Whether it’s a minor or major disability, it can prevent a person from working temporarily or permanently, and results in the loss of income. Luckily, there is disability insurance in the event this occurs. Disability insurance is an insurance policy that provides partial replacement of income if an injury or disability prevents a worker from performing his or her duties. Below is a list of different types of disability insurances.


Individual Disability Insurance

A person who either works for a company that does not have an insurance plan as part of their benefits or is self-employed should seek individual disability insurance. This replaces a percentage of lost income due to illness or injury that prevents an individual from working, even if the illness or injury is not work-related.


Short-Term Disability Insurance


As the name implies, short-term disability insurance is designed to replace income over a short period of time. This type of insurance is specifically made for individuals who suffer a minor injury or illness that will prevent them from working anywhere from a few weeks to even a few months.


Long-Term Disability Insurance


Long-term disability insurance offers financial support for persons who suffer a serious accident or illness that prevents them from work for months or even years. Workers are guaranteed to receive a percentage of their incomes during the long period of time they are unable to work.


High-Risk Disability Insurance


High-risk disability insurance is designed for highly compensated persons. It provides additional income coverage in the event of a personal accident or sickness disability. This type of disability insurance covers individuals such as athletes, entertainers and executives.


Business Overhead Expense Disability Insurance


This disability insurance is also known as business expense insurance. In the event the person who runs the business becomes disabled, this covers their business overhead expenses that are necessary to keep the business operational. This includes rental fees, utility bills, equipment leases and salaries.


Employer-Supplied Disability Insurance


A large amount of disabilities is the result of on-the-job injuries and helps compensate an individual that suffer job-related injuries. The most well-known is workers’ compensation. This not only provides wage replacement, but also covers medical and life expenses, and past and future economic loss.


A person who is the victim of an accident or is affected by illness does not have to worry about financial burdens if they are unable to perform their tasks. Disability insurance is made to provide a percentage of their income to allow the person to relax their mind. Anyone who wants to file a disability insurance claim can get assistance from the professionals at the Law Offices of James T. Hudson.

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Navigating the Quagmire of Disability Insurance

A Guide for the Disability Insurance Claim

Incurring a life-changing injury at any time in your life is a difficult challenge, no matter who you are. This same experience is only compounded by the location, for instance, if you are hurt on the job while at work. Initially, you will experience a reaction to what happened, whether physical, emotional, or both. Now some injuries are easier to deal with others. A few days’ rest to recover, or a few weeks with a cast, and you can be back to full strength. But then there are those truly debilitating, long-term injuries and illnesses that prevent us from working for months and even years. It is important, too, to recognize that if your injury is to a serious degree, you could qualify for disability insurance benefits. 60-70% of your current salary may not meet the expenses you have, but it will put you in better position to recover more quickly, and get back on your feet — both figuratively and literally.

This is precisely where my services are so valuable. I have a wealth of experience in this field, and I am prepared to help you get the benefits you deserve. I will do all that I can to help you keep afloat and maintain yourself financially.

A Disability Insurance Law Firm in Your Corner

Disability insurance is designed to help you, as the employee, recover and gain back your health, and subsist financially, until you are 100%. If you use me as your lawyer, you can be sure that I will defend your rights and work tirelessly towards meeting your disability needs. If you do not properly fill out the paperwork and get the benefits you deserve, it can spell disaster down the road. The most important part of the process is your overall health and wellbeing, and though I may be aggressive in the courtroom, I assure you that I will always treat you, my client, with the utmost respect and compassion.

Use a Disability Insurance Lawyer Early, Before It’s Too Late

The benefit of using me as your attorney is that I know exactly what I am doing. My 40 years of experience in this industry have their roots in insurance law. I have spent countless hours helping insurance companies and defending them against their insureds. Now I can harness that knowledge and turn it into a strength for you as I work on your case. To learn more about my services and expertise, visit me online at James Hudson Law.

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True Professional Liability Enforcer

An Expert in Enforcing Professional Liability

In the city of Los Angeles, there are are many many businesses, both honest and not. It is important that when you work with a company in any capacity, you should be getting the service that was advertised. It is not only a waste of your money but your time too, and that should be compensated for. As a lawyer with 40 years’ experience, I am well aware of the importance of holding companies to their word. I am adamant about ensuring that they are fully responsible for the caliber of their work. Errors, omissions, and negligence can all necessitate legal oversight and action. Some companies may not even directly disregard their work obligations, but rather, they misrepresent themselves, and make promises that they ultimately do not keep.

Multiple Years, Multiple Industries

The difficulty of enforcing professional liability is that companies have varying contractual obligations when they provide service. Luckily, my clients never have to worry about that variation because I have dedicated the last 40 years of my life to this field, and I am well aware of all the ins and outs. I have worked on negligence claims regarding accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, bankers, real estate agents, and corporate directors and officers. Each and every profession should be held accountable to their work, and I am prepared to do just that.

A Multi-faceted Approach

As a seasoned professional, I consistently track the details of each and every case to obtain the best possible outcome. The world of professional liability claims is no different, necessitating the evaluation of the case from all angles to get a great result. I am confident in my ability to see matters from multiple angles. Specifically, I direct my knowledge and experience towards strategies that achieve an optimal outcome. Sometimes that outcome can be settled out of court, and when that is the case, I do my best to achieve that end. I will use arbitration and mediation when it is beneficial to my clients. Otherwise, I am always ready to effectively litigate in the courtroom. If you feel that you have been slighted in some way by a business or organization, do yourself a favor and call the professional liability expert (213-386-2747) or visit my website James Hudson Law and schedule a free initial consultation to get you started on the road to justice.

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