Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Life Insurance


Applying for Life Insurance

For those of us looking to save money on our insurance rates there is the temptation to do anything, including telling a few fibs, in order to get it. This, along with a few others, are mistakes you do not want to make when applying for life insurance because it can void you policy after your death. Here are other mistakes you want to be aware of when filling out your forms.

Common Application Mistakes

  • Lie- Your life insurance application requires answering many questions about your health. Your thinking might go one of two ways, the questions are too invasive or you will be penalized for answering truthfully. They will not care that you have recently gone to the doctor’s for a common cold. Lying only means that your claim can be contested when the insurance company finds out the truth.
  • Losing Weight- Your agent might inform you that you are over the weight limit for the best health class by a certain amount. Do not use this as a reason to put off your insurance in order to lose the weight. Every application will ask if you lost weight within the last year and if so, will only credit you half of what you lost. This is because they know that sometimes people will get off their diet and double their weight loss.
  • Smoking- Since a cigarette habit is a hard one to quit, you may find yourself lapsing every now and again. While you might not consider yourself a smoker based on smoking one once a year, most insurance companies will. Do not lie about smoking on your application since your family will suffer once the claim is challenged.

Life Insurance Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Since making any of these mistakes can lead to a challenged claim, you or your family may find yourselves battling the life insurance company. If this were to occur, Los Angeles residents can turn to the law firm of James T. Hudson. We can help you take on the insurance companies to get the money you are owed. For a free initial consultation, contact our office at (213)386-2747.

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