Making a Claim against Your Architect

p1Not What You Asked For

Using an architect is the best way to get a building or your home custom made to your needs. It is easy to place your trust in them when they hold such expertise and natural to expect the highest quality of work to be produced. When you have been let down by poor standards that lead to a financial loss, a professional negligence claim might be the way in which you can recover some of that loss.

Negligent vs Inadequate

When filing a claim against your architect it is important to establish if they were negligent or if they provided inadequate service. These two concepts tend to overlap, especially when delays in the project occur. More often than not, these delays are beyond the control of your architect. When it comes to delays that cost you loss of money because the architect has failed to hire contractors or order materials in a timely manner, which is a valid negligence claim

Architect Negligence

The negligence of an architect can come about in many ways. A poor design, badly drawn plans, recommendations to use unsuitable materials or poor management are all examples of negligence on the architect’s part. Not only can their carelessness lead to loss of money and cause a huge inconvenience, it can also lead to safety risks. A structure built in an unsafe manner with the improper materials is a major safety risk to any inhabitants. Taking a risk with your wallet or your well-being is not a chance you should be taking.

Filing a Claim

A professional negligence claim can help you recover some of your financial costs that you may have suffered. When suing an architect, you can only benefit from the expertise of a professional liability attorney. At the Law Offices of James T. Hudson, our attorneys can help you recoup your losses from a neglectful architect. Get expert legal advice from our experienced attorneys by calling us for a free consultation at (213)386-2747.

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