Justice is Served: Product Defects


Know Your Rights

As consumers, most of us trust that the products we use on a daily basis will not malfunction, especially not to the point that they could be physically harmful, even deadly, to us. For context, in the 3-year period from 2009-2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has reports of 336 deaths (an average of 112 deaths per year) that are associated with, but not necessarily caused by nursery products among children younger than age 5. Of those, cribs/mattresses, bassinets/cradles, playpens/play yards, infant carriers/car seat carriers/ and baby baths/bath seats/bathinettes were associated with 87 percent of the fatalities reported.

More recently, Takata airbags have been at the center of controversy for several major carmakers, including Ford, Mazda, and Chrysler, among others. Some carmakers previously recalled vehicles in high humidity areas, but have now expanded their recalls nationwide (according to the New York Times, December 12, 2014). The defective airbags have forced more than 16 million vehicles to be recalled worldwide. The problem rested in metal flying through the cabin of a vehicle when the airbags deploy. This is one problem that has only worsened with time, as many have criticized officials for not moving quickly enough to expand the recall. In turn, customers were bringing their cars in for repair only to find out that not enough replacement parts existed.

Protection Against Product Defects

These represent just a couple of examples of the harmful effects of product recalls. Both of these recalls affect adults, but (perhaps more significantly) can be deleterious to kids. Year after year, toy recalls are the most publicized in the media of all the different types of recalls. For good reason too – toys can quickly lead to asphyxiation, lacerations, and abrasions for children. The numbers are staggering: an estimated 256,700 toy-related injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency department stores. It is important to note: that number does not include the injuries that occurred that were not worthy of hospital visits. Imagine trying to feel at peace at night when your child could be mere feet away from a dangerous product.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

If you or someone you know has experienced a defect, be it in a car, in the play room, or from a medication, it is important that you take appropriate action. With James Hudson Law at your side, you can be sure that all litigation, arbitration, and mediation is done efficiently and effectively. We are eager to work for you. Give us a call: 213-386-2747.

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